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Điện thoại IP Grandstream DP715 DECT Cordless

Điện thoại IP Grandstream DP715/DP710 là dòng sản phẩm mới với 05 tài khoản SIP (dùng cho 05 tay nghe), chuẩn âm thanh HD. » Phù hợp cho văn phòng SOHO & SMB. » Thiết kế tinh tế, tính năng đầy đủ. » Hỗ trợ các phím chức năng. » Chất lượng thoại cao. » Hoạt động ổn định.
Chi tiết Tài liệu Tin khuyến mãi
Air Interfaces
Telephony standards: DECT / GAP Frequency range: 1880 – 1900 MHz (Europe), 1920 – 1930 MHz (US)
Number of channels: 120 (Europe), 60 duplex (US) channels
Emission power: 10 mW (average power per channel)
Range: up to 300m outdoors/50m indoors
SIP Compliant and Protocols SIP RFC2361, TCP/IP/UDP, RTP/RTCP, HTTP/HTTPS, ARP/RARP, ICMP, DNS (A record, SRV, NAPTR), DHCP, PPPoE, TELNET, TFTP, NTP, STUN, SIMPLE, TR-069, 802.1x etc.
Network Interfaces Single 10/100Mbps port
Graphical Display 1.7” 102×80 FSTN LCD with color backlight
Features Keys
2 line keys with dual-color LED (1 SIP account and up to 2 call appearances), 3 XML programmable context-sensitive soft keys, 3-way conference
Voice Codecs Support for G.723.1, G.729A/B, G.711u/a, G.726-32, G.722 (wide-band), iLBC, in-band and out-of-band DTMF (in audio, RFC2833, SIP INFO)
Telephony Features Hold, transfer, forward, 3-way conference, call park, pickup, shared-call-appearance (SCA)/bridged-line-appearance (BLA), downloadable phone book (XML, LDAP, up to 2,000 items), call waiting, call log (up to 2,000 records), XML customization of screen, off-hook auto dial, auto answer, click-to-dial, flexible dial plan, hot desking, personalized music ringtones and music on hold, server redundancy and fail-over
HD Audio Yes, both on handset and speakerphone
Package Content DP715: 
-1 Base Unit
-1 handset including 2 rechargeable batteries(AAA, 1,2V/500mAh, NiMH)
-1 power supply plug for base unit
-1 Ethernet cable
-service card
-user guide
-1 handset including 2 rechargeable batteries(AAA, 1,2V/500mAh, NiMH)
-1 charger unit
-1service card
-1 user guide
Battery Life 10-hour talk time, 80-hour standby time, 16-hour charging time

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