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Mitel Contact Center

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Mitel contact center Contact Center Solutions A Highly Flexible, Two-Tiered Offering Mitel® Contact Center Solutions consist of Mitel Contact Center Enterprise Edition and Mitel Contact Center Business Edition. Whether you run a large, multi-site corporation or a high volume, dynamic small or medium-sized business, this document will help you decide which solution is right for your business needs.

 Contact Center Enterprise Edition
Contact Center Enterprise Edition addresses the
highly sophisticated contact center market, and
supports all forms of communication including voice,
email, web chat, SMS, fax, and walk-in customer
distribution. With four different licensing levels,
this contact center solution ensures you have the
features your contact center solution needs, offering
a scalable, resilient solution that combines robust
IP communications platforms, Automatic Call
Distribution (ACD), and a suite of feature-rich,
web-based applications for streamlining contact
center management and ultimately enabling
“agents anywhere” productivity.
Contact Center Enterprise Edition is the solution for
contact centers that:
• Comprise multiple sites
• Have more than 25 agents
• Run reports from the entire suite (over 425 report
• View real-time statistics on desktop marquee for
agents and supervisors
• Identify callers in queue and change their answer
priority in real time
• Operate in a virtual contact center environment
• Demand a resilient set up
• Forecast staffing requirements
• Schedule agents and measure adherence


Contact Center Business Edition

Contact Center Business Edition is designed for small
contact centers that want a cost-effective solution
that can grow with them. This solution offers a
number of applications including historical reporting,
real-time monitoring, dynamic agent and queue
control, screen pop, and intelligent messaging.
Contact Center Business Edition is the right solution
for contact centers that:
• Comprise a single site
• Have 25 or fewer agents and 5 or fewer
• Need a cost-effective solution
• Want a solution that matches the needs of their
growing organization
• Run core voice reports


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